Gift Plants

With my baby shower coming up, I decided to take a break from writing. (I’ll get back to the Creating a Character posts soon.) I was posed with a party favor problem. What to give as a party favor? I didn’t want to hand out candy, candles or soap. So, I decided to give plants. Odd, I know, but it’s different and turned out decent.

The plants that I chose to propagate were my spider plant and an indoor vine.  I’ve had the spider plant since I was ten and the vine has been around since I was five. Both plants, give or take, are about 10-years-old and are super easy to care for.

I cut off the shoots, placed them in water and waited for them to sprout.  It took about a week for the majority to grow roots.

I found some old pots that originally held morning glories. We had a bunch of them, and I decided that they would make perfect party favor pots. I bought all-purpose soil from Walmart and planted the new shoots in the pots.  After drenching them in water I set them by the window to adjust.

They survived!

I wanted to decorate the pots and mulled over the different possibilities for about a week. After buying ribbon, I gathered super glue, Elmer’s glue, scissors,  small drip trays and set to work.

I measured the top part of the pot and cut the ribbon into strips. I made small bows with the light pink ribbon.

                                                                         I took  Elmer’s glue and lightly spread it along the top of the pot. Then attached the ribbon, smoothing out the air bubbles with my finger tips, making sure it was level.

After I repeated the process, I secured the bows with super glue. Elmer’s glue wasn’t strong enough, and the bows kept falling off.

I was going to put ‘Thank you’ labels on the pots but never bought the labels. Instead I had white acrylic paint lying around and used that. I was nervous at first because I didn’t know if the paint would wipe off if I made a mistake. It did, rather easily, and the “thank yous” became easier. Here’s a picture of the first three. I made about twenty of these.


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