The News and My Two Cents

Yes, this will be obnoxious and probably offensive.

Article One:

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich sparks controversy: Can we really ban nut products from schools?

First off, are you serious? A simple PB&J sandwich banned? What is this world coming to–don’t answer that. If a child is allergic to nuts and they know it I guess it would be too simple to tell the child, “child don’t eat anything with nuts in it.” Is it really that hard? Are you telling me a five-year-old cannot comprehend such a simple request?

“Hey wanna trade lunches?”

“Sure, what do you have?”

“Peanut butter and jelly.”

“Oh, well, I’m allergic to peanuts, but I guess your sandwich would be alright.”

Get. Real.  Children without allergies should not be punished or subjected to restraints just because a few others have allergies. Likewise, children with allergies should not be penalized. They shouldn’t have to sit at separate tables and wonder why everyone is pointing at them. It’s not their fault that they are allergic. I’m not saying we shouldn’t care about children with severe allergies and their needs, but the responsibility has to fall on the right shoulders. Instead of asking schools to ban nut products from individual lunches (like they should have control over that anyway–don’t bring beer, it’s against school policy) perhaps ban it from lunch menus. Educating school staff on allergic reactions, how to treat them, etc, would be better than placing a ban on nut products. And there is of course always the very simple conversation:

“Johnny, dearest, darling, sweetie you’re allergic to peanuts. So, don’t eat them or anything containing them or you will get very sick, go to the hospital and probably die. It’s a statistic my love.”

Heartless? Maybe but it gets the message across doesn’t it? I recently had a friend go to the hospital for a severe allergic reaction. The cause still remains to be known, but we believe the culprit was spinach dip. A few hours after consuming the delectable appetizer, he found himself in a hospital unable to swallow and completely swollen. Think he’ll eat spinach dip again? More than likely not. Think that stops me? No.

Article Two:

Anti-American fury sweeps Middle East over film

I saw the trailer for this film a few days ago when I first read about the riots. The film was to say the least low quality, and had it not been for the riots I would have never known of its existence. My guess is that I’m not the only one lacking knowledge of said film. As I watched the very glitchy preview, I noticed the number of views were increasing! Oh my, what a surprise! Not. Think a simple boycott would have done the trick? You know, the kind they used for The Passion of Christ? Keep in mind there have been numerous films made about Christianity that could be considered offensive. South Park anyone? Although it isn’t a film there are many episodes that depict Jesus in what would be considered an offensive manner.

There are a ton of crude things I could say about all this, but I’ll keep my ignorant opinions to my ignorant self. It has gotten to the point that there is so much underlying tension between religious groups and their affiliated governments that a simple film has caused so much damage.

Now that I’ve been distracted–female killer whales experience menopause around the same time that female humans do. I completely forgot where I was going with my rant, and frankly oh well.


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