Carrying Around a Notebook

Ever been walking down the street or sitting somewhere and suddenly have this brilliant idea? Did you start digging through your purse/pocket, searching for a pen, scratch piece of paper–anything? I know I have too many times to count. I’ll scribble my ideas on the back of receipts, napkins, business cards and lo and behold not all of them make it to the computer. Why? The answer is simple enough–I loose them.

So, lately I’ve taken to carrying around a notebook. In this age of technology I’m carting around the simple pen and paper. The number one reason being: try doodling on something that’s electronic. Ok, that’s the reason I tell myself. The real reason is because I’ve a budget like everyone else.

Anyway, this new habit (trying to make it one at least) is proving to be quite useful. I can organize my thoughts in one place instead of flipping my purse upside down, shaking it like a monkey gone mad, searching for that tiny gas receipt that had a poem written on the back. Eventually I’d like to downsize to one that will fit nicely in my bag, but for now the standard-sized (on clearance because of school) works just fine.

The only thing that’s a draw back is the fact that I’m adding to the consumption of paper and in turn killing all these trees. Guess I’ll have to plant some bushes, trees, flowers etc.
What are your thoughts, tips, tricks for catching the “ah-ha” moment?


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