Sandy’s Far Reach

It’s amazing how things that occur hundreds of miles away can still affect us. My issue? Well it’s definitely small compared to the plight of others, and I feel selfish for complaining about it, but it’s on my mind.

Work. Due to the flooding, the damage and the all out destruction my remote contract is well…lacking. To spare you the details and put things simply: my work was affected by a hurricane that hit the east coast. Considering I’m located states away it’s a rather odd situation but there it is.  And I’m sure instead of taking this as a, “yay vacation!” I’m going to stress about it and wonder how I’ll pay bills.

Anyway, the kicker is the affect that Sandy has had hundreds of miles away from where the storm landed. The high winds produced near record swells on the Great Lakes–an astonishing feat given the distance. On the radio, a few days ago, they attributed the last few years of violent storms  to climate change. As if they were disputing the fact that climate change could disrupt weather patterns. Hmm…I think it’s in the name itself don’t you think? Climate change, change weather patterns? Nah, you must be crazy.

A friend brought up some similarities between this hurricane and my book. While I agree that the uniqueness of such a storm does touch on a theme of freak storms within my writing the aftermath and likeness is not on the same page. The destruction that is the back drop for The Great Storms was not created by one storm or a series of storms. Instead is a compilation of all the environmental and pollution problems we face today, as well as a few natural disasters giving the right shoves in the right places to create the fall of civilization as we know it on a grand scale. But, hey, I’ve to admit I was pleased to hear a reference to my work regardless.


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