Combating Writer’s Block

It’s inevitable, the blank screen will haunt you. Your fingers posed over the keyboard, your mind racing with ideas and yet the screen continues to be a daunting white mass. Here are a few things I’ve found useful for getting over the writer’s arch nemesis.

1) Relax

Stress can produce awesome stories, articles, writing period but not when you’re stressed out about writing. Writer’s block tends to get worse the more you agonize over it.

2) Allez pour une promenade (no I did not use Google Translate, thanks)

Yes, my French is super rusty. And yes I did pay attention in high school. Anyway, go for a walk. We often are so busy that we tend to neglect the spiritual side of ourselves. I’ve found that walking, just walking, having no aim can help calm the spirit. Enjoy the changing seasons, the beauty around you or stare mindlessly at the sidewalk. The act of moving, getting physical activity that serves no purpose other than that of itself is rewarding. It allows you to relax, clear your mind, get fresh air and may even inspire you.

3) Eat

It’s hard working on an empty stomach. Feeding your body will help you concentrate and will allow you to refocus your energy.

4) Write in the moment

Catching the “ah-ha” is very important especially if you’ve been stuck for days. If you’re out and about try to bring something you can write in with you. I’ve found a notebook to be helpful.

5) Clean

Sometimes, most of the time, doing things we aren’t particularly found of will shove the old mind into working. Cleaning serves that purpose for me. It’s not my favorite thing to do and always has to be done. Therefore it makes for a nice mindless task to counter the wasted hours attempting to write. One of the beauties and hassles of cleaning is that it always has to be done. Alas, you’ll always have something to take your mind off the fact that your muse is escaping you.


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