Election Day

Ah, yes, election day. It’s a day so many dread and anticipate. I guess it depends on how sick you are of hearing campaigns ads or seeing flyers shoved into door jams. In the spirit of things I’ve put together some facts that I found interesting/important.

1) The first presidential election day was actually held on January 7, 1789.

2) In 1792 New Hampshire becomes the first state to revoke the rule that only property owners and taxpayers can vote, giving more white men the chance to vote.

3) Congress passes the 15th Amendment in 1869, allowing African American men the right to vote.

4) 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act

5) Women are given the right to vote in 1920

6) Indian Citizenship Act of 1924 declares all non-citizen Native Americans citizens therefore giving them the right to vote.

7) The Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes it illegal to discriminate based on race, national origin, religion, and gender in voting, public places, the workplace and schools.

8) In 1971 the 26th Amendment gives 18-year-olds the right to vote.



Timeline: Voting Rights Act


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