Writing Prompt: Letter to Dog

I decided that I would do my own writing prompt: write a letter to your pet.


Dear dog,

You smell. No matter how many times I give you a bath your odor comes back full force, attacking my nose. Perhaps it’s because I’m pregnant and therefore sensitive. Or perhaps it’s because you like to roll in nasty things because you fancy yourself to be a great hunter. Sorry honey, the squirrels still see you even if you smell like shit. It doesn’t blend in.

Lately, there have been a lot of things annoying me that concern you.

1) Your hair, it’s everywhere.

2)Drooling is it really necessary?

3) You sit too close to me so I have to step over you every time I get up.

4) Your look of “are you serious?” Yes. I am.

Hopefully when my pregnancy is over life will go back to normal and every little thing you do will not get under my skin. All of this started a few months ago–I know you’re sick of the bitching and I’m tired of the scolding. I’m sure we’ll have more challenges once the baby is born. You’re lucky I love you.


Your owner


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