Writing and Baking

With the holidays approaching and all the baking goods going on sale, it’s hard not to get swept up by sweet tooth madness.  I was feeling a little bummed because I don’t have a “special” baking recipe to call my own. I’m not much of a baker. So I decided I would create something. I went to my pantry and stared at the contents. Nothing spectacular. I still found something to whip up though–a rough version of a peanut butter brownie. I cheated and mixed my concoction with a store bought brownie mix. The result? Well it wasn’t mind-blowing but it didn’t go to the dogs either.

It was sweet and flavorful but still needs some tweaking. To be honest I was surprised that it turned out at all, considering I like to eyeball my measurements here and there. When I gave some to my boyfriend he actually liked it. My mother liked it, my sister liked it. I know they weren’t lying because the baking dish was empty, but I found it to be on the bland side. It made me think of the similarities between writing and baking.

1) Trail and error

You always feel that something can be tweaked within your story/recipe to make it better.

2)They like it, you think it’s all right

Sometimes people love your story or baked good; you think it’s nothing special because you’re over critical and think you can do better.

3) Time and effort

Writing like baking takes time and dedication.

4) General plan

You have to have a general idea of where you are going with your story. Just as you need a general direction for the baked good you are trying to create.

5) Ingredients are like characters

Each one is different and each on serves a purpose. Leave one out and the whole thing changes.




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