One of Those Days

Today has been non-stop. I meant to blog earlier but ended up having a rough start. So this post will be more like a journal entry than anything. It all started last night. I couldn’t sleep and work up at 5:00am, stayed in bed until 7:00am. Some how I fell back asleep but it was very restless. Next thing I knew it was 12:00pm! I get up, get dressed am in the middle of getting my breakfast when someone knocks on the door. So I let my boyfriend’s friend in. Shoot the shit with him for a few minutes while my bf gets ready–no cereal for me. I make it out of the house, drive to work, and make pancakes. They were awesome by the way–banana topped with my version of homemade syrup.

Finally, I feel caught up and start working. Only to realize that I have a hospital tour scheduled in oh…less than 30 minutes. So I’m typing, shoveling pizza in my mouth and now leaving.


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