Laundry and the Crock-Pot

I was actually doing laundry when I came up with this writing prompt. I’ve been trying to think of posts to fill the days–that way this doesn’t become a public journal filled with my rants, raves and a log of whatever it is that I do. (Such things will find their way here, no doubt about that.)

Writing Prompt: compare a household chore and an appliance.

They are two completely different things, but if you take some time to consider each one you’ll find similarities. Perhaps you have a toaster that drives you crazy because the bread never pops out far enough. Or a vacuum that has a stiff hose, making hard-to-reach spots practically impossible to clean. Both have one thing in common: you dislike them but use them all the time.

I compared two things that I find enjoyable. I like both simply because they require very little attention once the initial task has been started.

Laundry is a time consuming activity that can take all day depending on how many items need to be washed. Once everything is sorted the task becomes easy: load, wait, dry, load, wait, dry and fold clothes some where in between all that. While waiting for a load to finish you’re free to do whatever you wish whether that means taking a break or completing more chores. It’s a nice hands-off task for the most part which is why I chose to compare it to the Crock-Pot.

After you’ve decided on a recipe and have everything prepped, you toss the ingredients into the pot, set the temperature and leave. You just have to remember to turn it off in x  hours. Convenient.




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