Interesting Thanksgiving Facts

Here are some Thanksgiving facts from the Huffington Post.

1) There’s no evidence that the first Thanksgiving in 1621 had turkey on the menu.

2) In 2007 the National Turkey Association conducted a study that concluded Americans consumed 690 million pounds of turkey during Thanksgiving.

3) The fork was not present during the first feast. It was introduced ten years later by Governor Winthrop of Massachusetts.

4) While turkey does contain tryptophan, more of the amino acid can by found in soybeans and pork. The drowsy effect that many people feel after consuming a Thanksgiving meal is more likely caused by over eating.

5)  The night before Thanksgiving is considered the biggest drinking night of the year. Beating heavy-weight champs New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day.

6) Green bean casserole was created by Campbell’s soup some 50 years ago.


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