Love these pictures.

3rd Creek

Heintzelman Ridge Trail on a fine October day.  The trail head greeted us with a mother black bear and her two cubs.  This is a great sign!  At least they are not on the trail.  The access route up to tree line is a cascade of roots.  The trail ascends vertically.  It goes up through the trees, over roots, across swamp, and to Mount Thunder.  Once again, we found ourselves above the trees.  To our surprise we’re also over the large fog bank engulfing Juneau.  Like a river’s eddy these clouds swirl in the valleys of mountains — slack water clouds.  The clouds appear endless, extending clear to the Outer Coast.  Overhead a few wispy cirrus clouds, the sun, and the moon.  Warm filterless sunlight energizes our souls.

We look over the familiar panorama.  We start to list off the peaks.  Nugget, north and south.  Suicide Glacier, Leaking Glacier, Lemon…

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