Sustainable Homes

Sustainability has been the hot topic for quite some time. With the human population on the rise and real estate being more precious than ever, especially in highly urban areas, the need to condense is some what of a necessity. I came across this site which features small, Eco-friendly homes. My favorite is the Lego-style apartment (featured in the video below) because I find it to be the most doable and least claustrophobic option.

I know that these homes are geared toward single people, but reality is: a large chunk of the population is not single. People date, have children, or want to have those things. If your lifestyle advertises “no room for anyone” the chance that you’ll have a long lasting relationship is slim. I’m not saying that if you live in a large house you’ll have a better relationship. I just think that if the general population is going to take sustainable, tiny homes, seriously then the structures need to be more diverse. The Hobbit House is the only design that appears to address a family situation.

These options are also not pet friendly. Can you imagine sharing such a small space with your average dog? It would be a pain. Your drooling companion would likely drive you nuts as you shuffle things about. Sure it can be done, but how long will it last?

The houses are great for the single, pet-free person but…what about the rest of us?


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