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Rushing to do Dishes

The title says it all. I finally had my child over the holidays and it’s been nonstop ever since. Being a new parent is a rush and of course very tiring. Not only are you adjusting to a new schedule (who am I kidding, what schedule?) you’re doing it while fighting sleep deprivation, recovery and of course household chores. The list of “things to do” seems to always stay the same. When one gets knocked off another item takes it’s place.

My days consist of feeding baby, burping baby, changing her, feeding her again, burping, one more change before I entertain her or put her down. I get a few hours of rest, if she isn’t crying, before the cycle starts all over again. Thank God for my partner, he’s a huge help. The first couple of days were a blur; they started forming dates two weeks ago but I’m still playing catch up.

Needless to say between our new household member and work I haven’t had much time to write. I find myself talking a lot though. Perhaps I should get a tape recorder and record all my ramblings. Then when I do have a free moment I can pick through them and decide which ones are worthy of typage. (Yes, it’s a word if you use the urban dictionary…I know, I stooped to such a level.) It’s an idea which may become a reality but I wouldn’t bet on it.


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