A Little About Me

Let’s see, a little about my personal life…mm well, I’ve been striving to be debt free since I was fourteen.  I was quite a scrooge (in the Duck Tales sense of the word and, yes, I watched it as a kid) so I saved the majority of the few dollars that came my way.  Mind you, I never dreamed of diving into all that cash.  Now that I think about it, I wouldn’t mind opening up a vault and seeing gold.  Just goes to show that sometimes you compromise those young morals.  Anyway, I bought my house when I was twenty-two, and with my boyfriend’s help fixed it up into a quaint little place.  I enjoy traveling, eating and tell myself that one day I’ll be the master of doing nothing.  Reflecting on the last couple of years that seems like an odd goal as I’ve been busy working, kind of doing the college thing etc.  I always wanted a job that would allow me the flexibility needed for my life.  After numerous attempts and failures, I’ve found an occupation that suits my needs for the moment. It gives me enough time to pursue a childhood dream.

I was ten years old when I first wrote to a publisher asking what it would take to become an author.  I’d been writing a chapter book, and slowly typing it on my dad’s old computer.  I can still remember the black screen, green type and blinking cursor.  I vaguely remember the story; I’ve no idea what happened to it.  As for the letter I received from the publisher advising me to get a literary agent, I’m sure it found its way to the trash after being cherished for a year or two.  I was so excited that they had written back; it was like winning the lottery for me.

And so, fourteen years later I’m going after something that started a long time ago. I could ask myself why I didn’t pursue my goal back then, but that’s a trip filled with too many holes and too many turns.


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