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Another old poem. I believe I was thinking about Shakespeare, no way of knowing though it was written so long ago.

He talked in stanzas

breaks and pauses

not flowing with the language.

A rhyme of his own creation

nothing that could be


nor comp-re-hend-ed

What can be said

about a man

who speaks

in a way that lies with the dead?

His breaks,

his pauses,

his stanzas

ring in my head.


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Far from Heavenly Scented

An old poem I found stuffed away in a journal–figured I might as well use it.

The paper stares blankly at me,

and I can’t find the words

to put my emotions in print.

There is so much sorrow

so much need for asking why:

Why all the dying, crying and screaming?

Why do the rivers run red like they’re bleeding?

Injustice is an euphuism;

there is so much pain

that the world refuses to see.

Hollywood shows glimpses of what it can,

but the truth is only imagined

in our “promise lands.”

For the truth is hidden

behind a curtain of lies.

Her face painted so thick

you cannot see the scars she hides.

Her tears turn into a thousand colors,

each a tribute to the thousands of lives that were severed.

It’s beyond sick,

beyond demented

that we can let an abstract thought

drag us from all that is heavenly scented,

and I’m convinced it will never end

For we are pathetically weak

and can’t stand up to our evil fiend.

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Cuddle Party

A fictional story I wrote back in high school.

Trisha Marr was twenty-five years old and had been having a very bad month. Yes, month, not day, not week, not morning or night, month. In the beginning of the month Trisha had lost her job with the telemarketing company, not to mention she had also lost her purse on the subway. Her money was gone. Her parents were in France with their cell phones turned off and any possible means of communication had been cut off when Trisha was evicted from her apartment (due to a few months of no payment). Luckily, Trisha had had a boyfriend at the beginning of the month. She had moved in with him while putting most of her stuff in storage. As it turns out, however, Mark was one of those guys that needed his space. After two weeks of crashing at his pad Trisha was once again homeless. Desperate she called Leon her only friend in New York. Leon being a generous fellow and having known Trisha since her front teeth came in allowed her to room with him. Trisha then got a job as a waitress at Caprio’s and became a bartender at a local nightclub.
Now that she had a suitable place to stay and a few dollars coming in, the month’s events loomed on her. It didn’t help that Leon had a very successful relationship with Craig, his boyfriend. Trisha became very emotional and somewhat depressed over Mark; she had loved him. She got drunk and made the mistake of taking a cab to a hair salon. There, in her drunken state, she received a rather hideous short style cut. When Trisha sobered up and realized what she had done to her once long, full-bodied copper colored hair she cried. She drank some more and woke up with a hang over the next afternoon.
She walked into Leon’s kitchen with a mind to mix up a fruit drink when an article in the day’s newspaper caught her eye. The article was about a group of people that hosted “Cuddle Parties.” Trisha vaguely remembered hearing about these parties before; she read the article. Being in a distraught state, and really needing someone to “cuddle” with she decided to go to the next cuddle party, which happened to be that night at 9:00.
Trisha called the hostess, Pam, and scheduled to come to the party. Of course she had to pay the late fee, but she didn’t care. When 9:00PM came around Trisha swung her bag over her shoulder, left Leon a note (he and Craig were out dinning) and hailed a cab.
Trisha found herself standing outside a gray apartment door. Nervously, she hit the buzzer and was buzzed in. She walked to number five where a woman with curly brown hair greeted her.
“Hi, name please?” The woman asked glancing down at her clipboard.
“Um, Trisha Marr,” Trisha said shifting her bag. The woman looked down at her list.
“Welcome, Trisha, come in,” she ushered Trisha inside the apartment. “I’m Pam by the way,” she said shaking Trisha’s hand. The walls of the apartment were white, and there were many shoes stacked on the shoe rack. Trisha took off her sandals and added them to the rack.
“The bathroom is over there, so feel free to change into something comfortable. And when you’re done just come out into the living room. Everyone is already here so when you’re ready we’ll go over the rules, watch movies, eat popcorn. It will be a blast! Ok, hon?” Pam said patting Trisha on the shoulder and walking out into the living room.
What am I doing here? Trisha thought as she changed into her pajamas. Jolts of nerves went up and down her spine. Butterflies did dive bombs in her stomach. Maybe she could just sneak out the front door. Perhaps nobody would notice. But she had already paid for this session; she had to go through with it otherwise it would be a waste of money. This is so stupid; I can’t believe I’m doing this, she thought slipping in her pants.
When she was done she walked out into the living room. There was a group of 15-20 people lounging on the couch, on pillows, on the floor.
“Hi, Trisha, just set your bag over there, take a seat and we’ll begin,” Pam said with a smile. Trisha set her bag down and took a seat on the floor.
“Ok, everyone, we all know why we’re here: to have good clean cuddle fun. So, Judy,” Pam motioned to a blonde girl standing next to her, “and I want to go over the rules. No groping, dry humping, or any touch of that nature. This is a cuddle party, not a sex orgy. When you go to touch your partner you must always ask first. If they say no then that means no.”
Pam and Judy went on about the rules and different cuddle touches. Then they went around the room and asked everyone to say their name and one interesting fact about themselves. After that they paired people up and began to do different activities. They first played the Welcome Circle Hug Game. Trisha felt awkward hugging strangers. Would it be rude to pull away from a long hug? Should she pat them on the back? Afterwards the group played musical pillows. Trisha found herself laughing and scrambling along with everyone else to land his or her butt on a pillow before someone else did. Then they played concentration. When Pam and Judy felt that everyone was comfortable with one another they put on a movie.
Trisha leaned her head against her partner’s shoulder. Oh crap, I forgot to ask if it’s ok, she thought jerking her head up.
“Robin is it alright if I lean on your shoulder?” She asked him. He nodded. So she put her head back. During the movie people began to use each other as chairs and pillows while some just held hands.
Trisha rolled over onto a few people that were lying down. A tickling frenzy broke out. Trisha laughed and yelled with the rest of the group. Then they quieted down to a few soft coos. Trisha snuggled against someone.
When the movie was over the group decided to play Twister. Trisha giggled as she leaned over a young woman. The woman also started laughing when a guy was called upon to do the splits. The adults fell down and laughed like children high on sugar. Many of them were reminded of their childhood days when they would build tents out of Mom’s clean sheets and roll around with friends.
Trisha felt flushed and full of happiness. It was like her first kiss all over again, the excitement, pleasure, and mystery all wrapped into one. She also felt like she was in a room with old friends not strangers sharing a night full of warm chocolate chip cookies and swapping stories about old times.
The three hours of cuddle time blew by in what seemed like minutes. Trisha waited in line, by the bathroom, to change back into her clothes. Once she was dressed she said goodbye to the group and thanked Pam and Judy for a great night. As Trisha sat in the back seat of a taxi she relished how spectacular and loved she felt. She knew that another party was in the near future.

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