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Five Myths about Writers

1) If you’re an author you’re rich.

How I wish this was the case but sadly it’s not. The majority of writers work multiple jobs and struggle to pay bills like everyone else. Hell, I’d say they work harder because writing is a job–an unpaid job unless you get lucky.

2)Writers are introverts.

It’s not that writers are anti-social, we tend to have a lot going on in our own heads which makes us seem that way. In fact most writers are very in tune with what’s going on around them–soaking up dialogue, body language, scenery etc. Each interaction is a chance to enrich one’s writing.

I stumbled upon this post a few days ago:  10 Myths about Introverts by Carl. I enjoyed it and thought it fit into the topic of writers being introverts.

3) Writers are caffeine junkies.

We all know the stereotype of writers being caffeine addicts–hunched over a laptop in the corner of a cafe with a steaming cup close at hand. Many people enjoy caffeine. Personally I find I work best sipping on hot water vs a caffeinated beverage.

4) It’s easy to be a writer.

Sure, anyone can write but it’s hard to be a good writer. Not only are there a gazillion rules and regulations, but there’s also a personal critic to contend with. A writer’s biggest critic is usually the writer himself/herself.

5) Writers are conflicted individuals.

Many writers use writing as a way to deal with adversity, which fuels the misconception that all writers are super emotional. Lets face it struggle makes a good story and gives the writer a release for their anger, grief.


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