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Waiting and Waiting

Pregnancy like writing is a waiting game: wait to see if a query will pay off, wait through the the editing process, wait for releases etc. Pregnancy requires waiting for doctor’s appointments, test results and finally labor. By now I thought I’d have established a backlog of patience. I haven’t. I find myself glancing at the calendar and saying, “to hell with it. I want it over now.”

Perhaps it’s a biochemical reaction, this lack of patience, that drives the fear of delivery away from a rational mind. After all what sane person would say, “yes, I think I want to have a 6-8 lbs baby rip through me, thanks?” But I do, I want it to be over. I’m tired of the sleepless nights, hours spent tossing and turning, all too frequent bathroom trips, the weight on my back, swollen hands and feet, heartburn, not being able to fit into my clothes. The list could go on and on. And of course everyone is an expert on how to induce labor (make lasagna, sweep the carpet, go for a long walk etc). Will it work? Time will tell.

So I’ve come up with my own plan because I think the idea of a 12-12-12 baby is pretty cool. It can only happen the first twelve years of every century. I’ll start by giving myself a manicure/pedicure (yes, I can still reach my toes–super proud of that). Then I’ll do a bunch of “strenuous” things like cleaning, walking, dancing, squatting, maybe cooking and hope one of these will do the trick. I’ll even try meditation, something, some where is bound to pay off. There’s always the possibility that nothing will work, I’ll be tired, disappointed and have to wait anyway.


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Slacking, slacking, slacking. It’s been almost a week since I last posted. I guess after missing one day my attitude is, “what’s the big deal with missing a few more?”

Ah, well, there will be other months to try for a post everyday. Perhaps I’ll pick February because it is the shortest.

Truth be told I needed to socialize a little. Work has been stressful, hell, everything has been stressful. (And the nurse told me my blood pressure was low. HA! Her instrument must be broken.) There are a million things to do and I lack the energy to do them. I could come up with a list of complaints.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the holidays? We all know the tales of stress increasing during the holiday season. However, I would say this is the first time I’ve actually noticed a genuine increase in my want-to-yank-my-hair-out level. I doubt it has anything to do with the holidays and attribute it to the series of events that have taken place in the last couple of months.

Reminds me of the series A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket–the title, mind you, because the plot has nothing to do with my life.

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X as Y

Writing prompt: complete five as x as y sentences.

Here’s the website: http://asxasy.com/  You can make them as serious/funny as you want. Below are the five that I’ve completed.

1)      As welcome as rain during a drought.

2)      As regular as taxes and death.

3)      As evil as an enormous pimple on your wedding day.

4)      As mad as a pregnant woman that was cut in line waiting for a Mackinaw Island Fudge ice cream cone.

5)      As formal as a five-year-old with his finger up his nose.


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