The Great Storms

The Great Storms

As Hurricane Vita approaches, twenty-seven-year-old Lydia Miller boards up her bakery. She is a Michigan girl, born and raised. Lydia recently moved to Naples, Florida in hopes of escaping the harsh economic times that are befalling her home state. However, a crappy economic situation is not all that she is attempting to avoid. She’s running from her ex-husband, Jeremiah. Lydia is convinced that Jeremiah is a quack with radical ideas. Her greatest fear is that Jeremiah will disappear with their seven-year-old son, Andrew, and she can’t let that happen. Feeling confident that her handy work will hold up against the approaching hurricane, Lydia goes home to celebrate Andrew’s birthday.

It’s a celebration young Andrew will never forget because it’s the day his mother goes missing. An unexplainable force of nature takes Lydia from the  suburbs and deposits her in Faith–a village laden with hardship. Lydia wakes up in a hut surrounded by unfamiliar people in an unfamiliar jungle. At first she believes that this is some sick joke Jeremiah is playing on her. Filled with a rage and power only fear can invoke, Lydia questions Xavier–the young man that found her. But the villagers especially Dallas, the head honcho, have questions and suspicions of their own. Some believe that Lydia is in alliance with the people from the city and therefore partially responsible for the disappearing members of their community.

Nothing, from the raids to the stories of creation sound familiar to Lydia. On top of that she can’t even remember her own name. Migale, the local healer, decides she will be called Eve until her memory returns. Lydia accepts the role as Eve, but her memory remains shaky and in a world filled with giant mosquitoes and blood sucking plants she begins to question her sanity.  Sometimes she wonders if she even had a son or if her memories are even real. Unsure of herself, she finds relief in Xavier as they travel to another village in hopes of receiving aid. The trek is dangerous but nothing compared to what Lydia will experience when they reach their destination. Lydia and Xavier find themselves in the middle of a raid, and Lydia discovers that sometimes humanity’s greatest enemy is itself.


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